Welcome to Russian courses online!

You want to speak Russian but you don’t know what to start with? You are going to visit Russia, you want to read Dostoevsky and Nabokov in original or you just need to know some colloquial phrases? This website is for you even if you have no basic knowledge. I will help you to learn speaking Russian. I hope that from your part you will do your best because efforts are always rewarded!

If you are ready to make your cortex work, go to the Lessons! If you want to discover some new words, check the Vocabulary page. For more detailed explanations, check the Grammar section.

You can assume that you have reached a sufficient level if you understand what I’m saying in this audio recording 😉

If it is still a set of incomprehensible sounds for you, let’s continue!

I am here to help you with the learning process and to make Russian easier for you! I hope, it works 🙂